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Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) is the apex government organization mandated to protect consumers’ interests and ensure fair market competition in Sri Lanka. It has been established under the Consumer Affairs Authority Act No.09 of 2003. The act has laid down the legal provisions empowering the CAA to take necessary actions to safeguard the interests of consumers while maintaining effective competition among suppliers of goods and services



A well protected consumer within a disciplined business culture.



Safeguard consumer rights and interests through consumer empowerment, regulation of trade and promotion of healthy competition.


Corporate Goals

  • A delighted consumer through regulation of trade.
  • Provide redress to consumers affected by unfair trade practices.
  • Consumer empowerment through education and awareness.
  • Protection of traders and manufactures against anti-competitive trade practices and promotion of healthy competition.
  • Organizational development through capacity enhancement.

Our services

1. Consumer Complaints

The Authority receives complaints on a wide range of products and services. Objective of providing this service is to assist the aggrieved consumers to settle their problems in purchasing goods or obtaining services in the market place. The Authority can inquire into complaints on goods as well as services. Authority is empowered to inquire into complaints regarding the production, manufacture, supply, storage, transportation or sale of any goods and to the supply of any services which does not conform to the standards and specifications determined by the Authority.

More over Authority can inquire into complaints regarding the manufacture or sale of any goods which does not confirm the warranty or guarantee given by implication. Consumer Affairs Authority carries out investigations based either upon its own motion or on any complaint/requests made by any consumer or organization of consumers. Individual consumer or any organization of consumers can make complaints or can provide information on erroneous trade practices. Many of the matters under dispute have been settled either through direct written communication or through discussion and verbal negotiation with the relevant parties to the dispute

2. Control of Abusive Trade Practices

Authority regularly conducts raids on trade related offences to ensure the compliance by traders regarding the orders and directions made by the Authority. These raids have created a large impact on controlling the behavior of traders to safeguard the rights of consumers. Offenders and goods that are taken in to the custody during raids are produced to courts and offenders are punished according to the provisions of the Act.

3. Consumer Education

One of the main functions of the Authority is to promote consumer education on health, safety, security, consumer rights and responsibilities. Following programs are conducted under this service.

  • School children awareness program
  • Inter school, Art, Essays and Drama Competitions.
  • All island "Do you know" competitions among school children
  • Consumer Ceremonial Programs.
  • Knowledge dissemination through mass media.

An important activity of the Authority is the formation of Consumer Societies, which are intended to educate consumers as well as to provide a forum to air grievances of consumers. This is aimed at empowering the consumer groups to raise a strong voice to safeguard the common interests. Authority extends its fullest co-operation to any party concerned about promoting, assisting and encouraging the establishment of consumer organisations.

4. Promotion of Competition

  • Intervention on anti-competitive practices operating against public interest.

Examinations are initiated on our own to identify for possible anti-competitive practices operating against the public interest.

  • Handling complaints from trade.

Any business can complain in respect of an alleged anti-competitive practice and prohibited practice make written submissions to the Consumer Affairs Authority

Based on prima facie evidence on anti-competitive practice, Competition Promotion Division will conduct an inquiry and may refer to the Consumer Affairs Council. If an anti-competitive practice exists and the Council is satisfied, that operates or likely to operate against “public interest” oppose or terminate that activity.

5. Market Research & Information

Status of competition in an economy cannot be assessed without regular market research. Consumer Affairs Authority is entrusted to undertake studies and publish reports to provide information relating to market conditions of various goods and services. Authority carries out studies on general consumer issues as well as specific competition related problems associated with different trades. Generally, these market research studies will be concentrated on:

  • Major sectors/industries with prominent competition issues
  • Market structures associated with such industries / sectors and
  • Existing and potential impacts of these structures over anti-competitive conducts in respective trades.

Based on the findings of these studies, actions are initiated to promote competition in respective markets. Anti-competitive investigations need the support of various parameters of market situation such as market shares, elasticities, market power indicators etc. Therefore, actions are also undertaken to develop a database on market conditions and parameters, which are necessary to monitor and evaluate competition situation in major markets on a regular basis